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A Little About Us

The term "algorithm" was first introduced in al-Khwarizmi's book, "Hisab al-Jabr and Al Mugabala". Since the word Kharazmi is pronounced as "Alkhorismi" in Latin in Europe, the method he found was called "algorithm". The term algorithm is often used in mathematics and computer science.

Marketing strategy

A strong marketing strategy is the beginning of success. The support of professionals in this field is always important for the company. With our marketing team, we can contribute to your success by developing the most effective strategy for you.

Setting up a CRM system

Business Processes and Customer Relationship Management System, CRM; This system is an extremely important tool for any company. We will make this important system easy for you by preparing it in the most convenient and effective way for you.

UX / UI criteria design and programming

Websites and mobile applications should be designed with UX and UI criteria in mind and should be unique to you. It will be possible for our designers and software developers to turn your ideas into reality, and the platform you desire will be in front of you.

Mobile application with Native or Hybrid technology

We can create mobile applications with native or hybrid technologies, taking into account your consumer requirements, experiences and analyzing your needs. This will contribute to your sales potential and strength and bring you a little closer to success.

As a family of ALGORITMA, we offer solutions that can connect brands and people in the digital age.

Inspired by your ideas, we design, develop and implement together with you. Sector experience and expert staff, infrastructure and technical support services, as well as with software and digital solutions, we have a goal to contribute to the sustainable development of partner companies. We are always ready to implement new projects with our creative, innovative, digital and interactive software solutions!

We attach great importance to everything we do and always try to do our best. No matter how complicated the problem is, we enjoy solving it. As we solve these problems, we change, we develop, we grow thanks to you!

Creative And Data Capabilities Held Together Seamlessly By Our Sales And Marketing Technology.

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