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"Algoritma team is an incredible combination of data-driven inbound strategy and extraordinary creative talent." InvestAZ Azerbaijan Marketing Manager

"Algoritma team produce high quality work and are a great team to work with. Their expertise in CRM systems and thorough processes also instil confidence. I" InvestAZ Türkiye Sales Manager

InvestAZ Azerbaijan - record results driven by inbound

Challange: InvestAZ, the leading investment company needed a dedicated content website supported with inbound demand generation to drive global growth.

We increased the organic website conversion rate by 700% with the right activations like investment blog website, financial analysis website and social media planning to drive organic traffic.

1+ M Visits / Month

Algoritma produced an all-new website for InvestAZ, built on the customized CMS, that modernised and updated the brand while improving the customer journey.

1000+ Leads / Month

In the first 6 months following the launch, free trial requests (aka Marketing Qualified Leads) increased by 180%.

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